It's That Time of Year Again...

The local music festival has been a part of life for (shockingly?) over thirty years. I competed fiercely in this festival until the year I left for University. And now- being an area teacher- my own students enter this same festival each year.

Mind you, I do feel like the competitive factor has dropped dramatically. But I’m quite sure my students don’t mind. They have a positive experience every time, gaining confidence in performing while receiving valuable feedback from the adjudicator. They come away with lovely certificates feeling proud and accomplished. Check ✅

I still have vivid memories of the more competitive days, when I would be nearly sick from anxiety. I’m not sure if these years helped to mold me as a musician or if they simply reinforced my distaste for “showing off”, but the beginning of Spring- better known as “festival time”- still brings butterflies to my stomach.

I’m excited for my students to display their achievements over the next couple of weeks, and I love hearing the comments from the adjudicators. I’m especially fortunate to have my own compositions featured in some of the festival classes. This morning I am going to hear a class featuring Starfish Strut from Ocean Tails and The Raven's Wish from Animal Bus.

It is so inspiring to attend these classes that open my ear to new compositions, interpretations and ideas....especially this particular music festival that is so close to my heart.

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