Animal Bus elementary piano book with fun music and a duet that kids love
Hermit Crab Hop from Animal Bus elementary piano book with fun music kids love
Sphynx Cat from Animal Bus elementary piano book with fun music kids love

Animal Bus

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Animal Bus is a late elementary piano book featuring a huge range of music genres including jazz, pop, R&B/soul, folk, Latin and more. It includes a variety of styles, time signatures, tempi and key signatures, so it really appeals to anyone! And not just for kids....great for teens and adults too. Number of pages: 24.

This book is perfect for you if you want:

  • new, fresh, Grade 2-4 Level pieces
  • songs for the animal lover
  • memorable melodies
  • performance or exam pieces
  • a bonus super fun duet that kids love!

 I had so much fun "matching" these animals with different sounds and styles; I was inspired by Spanish dances, Doo-wop music of the 60s, Scottish folk songs, Irish lullabies, Klezmer music, and pop to name a few. The duet Milk and Cookies just makes you feel good, and is for all those fans of "Heart and Soul". So if you want some fresh new repertoire that is as varied as it is fun, hop on the Animal Bus!

Contents include:

  • Bullero (Gr. 3)
  • Cinnamon Bear Boogie (Gr. 3)
  • Hermit Crab Hop (Gr. 4)
  • Highland Pony Song (Gr. 2)
  • Mountain Hare Lullaby (Gr. 4)
  • Sphynx Cat (Gr. 4)
  • The Castaway (Gr. 3)
  • The Fox's Fiddle (Gr. 3)
  • The Raven's Wish (Gr. 3)
  • Swans' Pas de Deux (Gr. 2)
  • Milk and Cookies (Gr. 4) Duet 

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