Forgotten Flamingo intermediate Flamenco inspired piano duet sheet music red fan flamingo silhouette
Forgotten Flamingo intermediate Flamenco inspired piano duet sheet music

Forgotten Flamingo

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Forgotten Flamingo is an expressive early intermediate level piano duet (1 piano/4 hands). This piece evokes a Flamenco guitar style, and includes characteristic stomps and claps that are great fun to perform! The melody allows for beautiful expression, making for a dramatic and moving performance piece. One copy required for performance. Number of pages: 6. Approx. Grade 4.

This duet is perfect for you if you want:

  • Spanish guitar sounds
  • some practice with rolled chords
  • something beautifully expressive and melancholy
  • body percussion
  • a moving performance piece

I pictured a Flamenco guitarist playing for a Spanish dancer when composing this piece. You can hear the rolled guitar chords and fingerpicking style within the Secondo part. The forlorn melody is shared by both parts. The Primo part performs the dancer's stomping and clapping, which builds in intensity and provides a wonderful contrast to the smooth melody. I can see the red dress swirl as she dances with the guitar's ornamental notes. So if you are looking for a Flamenco-style intermediate duet that's lots of fun to play and perform, Forgotten Flamingo is for you!

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