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Ocean Tails elementary piano music book Vancouver Island Cathedral Grove E Phrygian
Ocean Tails elementary piano music book Victoria BC red Double Decker Bus

Ocean Tails

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Ocean Tails is a book of 10 elementary piano solos for the Pre Grade 1 student. These pieces are wonderful teaching pieces and include many patterns, familiar hand positions, and effective melodies. Furthermore, each of the ten songs are written in an ancient church mode, adding a distinct sound and character, and extending the teaching opportunities. *Two pieces are included in the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Syllabus Repertoire List Level/Grade 1. Number of pages: 16. Approx. Level Pre Grade 1-Grade 1.

This book is perfect for you if you want:

  • motivating new music for the Pre Grade 1 student
  • fresh sounds and approaches to elementary music
  • modal pieces (using the white key modes)
  • titles and melodies that kids love
  • supplementary material for exams and recitals

The book Ocean Tails is near and dear to my heart. The songs are inspired by my experiences living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Kids truly love the modal sounds! Engaging images and captivating melodies make these songs a pleasure to teach and play. Fun facts are included at the top of each piece. If you are looking for new, engaging repertoire for your Pre Grade 1 students, Ocean Tails is for you!

Contents include:

  • Starfish Strut (Pre)
  • Ocean Tails (Gr. 1)
  • Tally-Ho Trot (Pre)
  • Tall Totems (Pre)
  • Two Banana Slugs (Gr. 1)
  • Driftwood Shore (Pre)
  • Cathedral Grove (Pre)
  • Harbour Buzz (Pre)
  • Stroll Through Beacon Hill (Gr. 1)
  • Double Decker Bus (Pre) 

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